• Written by Bill Gordon, Th.D.

    A pastor in Florida called and mentioned that some Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) recently knocked on his door. There is nothing unusual with JWs coming by the house. They spent about 120 million hours going door-to-door in 2008.

    What was remarkable about their visit was a claim they made. They asserted that the television game show JEOPARDY! once asked what is the most accurate translation of the Bible. According to the JWs, the correct answer was the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

    I can understand the JWs claiming that the New World Translation is the most accurate translation of the Bible. It is their official translation. What I cannot comprehend is why JEOPARDY! would want to get involved in this controversy.

    A quick search on the internet reveals that this claim is widespread and has been made by JWs all over North America. A Google search of “New World Translation” and “JEOPARDY” resulted in 742 hits.1 However, a search of the JEOPARDY! web site J-archive.com failed to verify that the question was ever asked.2 Unfortunately, this does not settle the issue because J-archive.com is fan-supported and not an official web site.

    I have therefore sent a letter (snail mail) asking JEOPARDY! to either confirm or deny the JW claim. Check my next blog on April 6 for their answer, entitled “What Is The Most Accurate Translation Of The Bible? (Part 2)”

    1www.J-archive.com, February 10, 2009.

    2 Search made on February 6, 2009.