Certification Programs

Certified Apologetics Instructor (CAI) Program
CAI objective is to engage Southern Baptist leaders across North America who will train other Southern Baptists in the area of apologetics and interfaith evangelism. The program is designed specifically for those who are serious about developing an apologetics ministry. The CAI is a certification of the North American Mission Board. The CAI credential indicates the recipient has a good knowledge of issues related to apologetics and interfaith evangelism, is an experienced and excellent communicator, and has a strong Christian character. State Directors of Evangelism can place confidence in these individuals as being capable of meeting the need to train Southern Baptists in their state. Click on the CAI link above to learn more.

Contact a NAMB-certified CAI for your training needs.

Interfaith Evangelism Specialist (IES) Program 

In this highly diverse culture we need to educate Christian people about the beliefs and practices of other faiths. It is incumbent for believers to have some understanding of other people groups and faith groups to minimize misconceptions and to enhance personal relationships. Many religions seek to proselytize Christians in their beliefs so we must prepare Southern Baptists to defend their faith. The program's objective will be to enlist leaders across North America who can help educate and equip Southern Baptists in the area of Interfaith Evangelism. IES is a certification of the North American Mission Board. Click on the IES link above to learn more about the requirements for certification or for 2009 Training Schedule, click the link below.

Download IES Training Schedule